Welcome to Empower Youth Africa (EYA) - South Sudan

Empower Youth Africa - EYA is South Sudan youth-led organization formed in 2017 and registered with South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission with registration number 1282 under the laws of the Republic of South Sudan. The aim is to empower youth and the local communities as well as creating awareness on girl-child education and pastoralists. We also empower women economically by providing mentorship and coaching to the disadvantaged groups including drug addicts and street kids.
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Our activities

Sports Activities

Our sports promotion activities span across multiple areas, from simple nature walks to intensive games like football, dances, etc. It's always our zeal and might to accomplish what we start. And this can be seen from our past successful events that included football matches.

Cultural Activities

We celebrate every bit of life through our rich and diverse cultures in this great nation. From cultural dances blended into other community events to inter-cultural competitions, we regularly have events where one gets to learn or practice a thing or two of their culture or of another culture of interest.

...And We do more

We also offer Fashion - Modeling (Miss/Mr), Entertainment (Music Drama Theatre Dancing Competition), Arts & Crafts, Child Protection, Health Care (Awareness), General Protection, Education, Food Security, Youth Leadership Skill, WASH (Water, Sanitation And Hygiene).

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Our Sports & Culture Glimpse

Sports and Culture promotion being our flagship activities in the nation, we feel it would be nice to let you have a look at what we have so far got involved into. Each year that passes, we get better and better at what we do. And yeah, here are a few pictures from some past events held by EYA.

Yep, We Get Fully Traditional

Our guys rocking it in a natural traditional attire. A sense of identity and fun at the same time. Our blend of rich cultures makes us proud every single moment.

Every Dance Culturally Imaginable

A cultural group performing at one of our events held in 2018. As fantastic as the dancers look in their attire, it was a fun-filled day for everyone in attendance. Fun we always have had!

Every Sport Counts

Crowd cheering on teams playing in a stadium. 'Bally' things are a central piece to our activities throughout the year. Among the games practised are football, volleyball & basketball...

Professional in Every Way

Some of our athletes in one of the matches we held. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to professionalism in our games and events as seen from our team here.

Our Mini Photo Gallery